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“I've never experienced a massage as incredible as Erica's. Her Tantra sessions are to massage what loving embraces are to hand-shakes. There's no comparison.” — John H., San Diego

“I come back to Erica because I want the therapeutic massage, but what's more therapeutic is the love I feel and the total relaxation I leave with.”

— Roger T., Del Mar

Erica is like family now. We look forward to seeing each other. She makes me feel wonderful in so many ways. We don't talk about my problems, but I leave feeling like I've just had a great session with a shrink. She's a gem.”

— Richard A., L.A

“I spent 90 minutes with her and felt like I landed on another planet—a planet of love and peace. I can't imagine not going back soon.”

— Steve M., Las Vegas

“I've had all kinds of massages and escorts over the years. No one has ever made me feel as happy as I feel after one of Erica's massages.”

— Gary S., Palm Springs

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