Tantra Erica 

Healing, Nurturing, Sensual & Authentic

Erica is a verified and reputable provider on Provider411 verification service:     https://preferred411.com/P141219    

Erica's photos have been verified on  SLIXA as a current and accurate representation of her, as well as being  a certified Tantra practitioner:


 You may find some of Erica's humorous banter on  WWW.SWITTER.AT   Her screen name is :     @TANTRAERICA

Erica is also an established provider on The Erotic Review with over 40+ positive reviews but alas they can only be viewed by members of TER outside the United States. Her TER ID for International clients is:    235310

Part of the joy of being with Erica is her ability to put you at ease, make you laugh, and create a heart-felt connection. She genuinely loves people and the work she has chosen.

Erica is all woman. You will find her beautiful, sexy, alluring, funny, bright, loving, sincere, sensuous, and addictive. Most of her clients are regulars—they come back because they love the nurturing, personal connection and unrushed physical intimacy she creates without the stresses and demands of a “relationship.” 

Describing what Erica does as “massage” is like calling Rembrandt a “painter.” He was a master. Erica is also a master—or better yeta mistress of pleasure who combines soothing massage with the sensuality of Tantra.